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i've been really absent lately. apologies where they're due. know that it's been necessary, and not to plan.

readjusting to work since finalllly being promoted has taken a lot of physical + emotional energy. it's been a less than stellar month for sleep stuff. and my fall allergies hit a week and a half ago. which is great as i've only made it to one allergy shot in the last two months because of the previously listed things.

so you take all of those whiny things, and add a really adorable new kitten. who's been shut up in the bathroom for the last five+ weeks while she gets over her mites and eye goo.

who is finally healing up (and growing so fast!) but still can't come out of the bathroom often and therefore needs individual socialization time. because wow is she a kitten.

my poor bastian cat, who was finally gaining weight back, has got himself in a bad spot again. we switched cat litters. he stopped puking. started eating more. we added kitten. he got pissed off at me that he couldn't hang out with the kitten (an addition meant mostly as his companion), and was very concerned about leaving her in the bathroom by herself. continued to do well and was more himself than he'd been in ages.

a couple of weeks later, gets himself dehydrated faster than should be allowed. loses most of the weight he gained back. he's spent the last week or two balancing really carefully between doing alright and getting hauled back in to the vet. today's been a balancing day, as we were into the vet for the fifth time in three weeks. he and i are both managing, but it's exhausting. i have my own theories. there isn't a simple answer to what's the matter. right now i'm just trying to get him through this. i'm the only one he has to look out for him, and he's priority number one until i get him stable.

if you have cats, and use a clay litter that clumps or contains bentonite, please please look into a more natural alternative. at this point, i can only say what a dramatic change i saw when we quit clay litter. and that in the long run, it's not worth taking the risk.
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