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i had such grand plans tonight. or at least paint and new guitar strings.

i also had (have) amazing allergies.

hence, tonight mostly involved staying within arms reach of the kleenex.

and none of the grand plans.

i have a lot of things to say. or at least to think about. a lot of things.

i'm not certain where the place to think or say them is. not quite.

also, fyi: the replacement phone they sent me doesn't work very well. they can't send me a different one until the old one gets back to them. so i'm probably iffy by phone until... hmm. i'd guess sometime next week is the most likely. just so you know.
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yesterday i was incredibly lazy. this meant sitting around my living room for a number of hours--before the great ceiling flood i probably would have sat at my desk, but i think i'm still a bit allergic to that room--doing a whole lot of not much. by early evening though, my allergies were not pleased and i don't know why. it could have been the very slightly moldy onion in the kitchen, it could be that i'm still allergic to our living room couches. i really don't know. so in an effort to not be allergic, i'm out of the house, spending time at the house of spies. unfortunately, their interwebs continue to be angry on and off today.

i had a group of women wearing head scarves (is dupatta the word i want?) come over and ask what i'd dyed my hair with. they said they'd been thinking of doing something similar. it made me realize the assumptions i make, at first wondering if they were mocking me, but realizing that bright hair colors would be a) probably easier to hide if necessary and b) not hugely different in reasoning than for me. it's one of those weird things that makes me wonder where the line is for sensitivity, prejudice, and (ick) p.c.-ness. is it 'wrong' of me to even wonder about it? is it just a comfort zone? or is it, in this case, more about how i expect different groups of people to react to how i look, and how comfortable or safe i feel with their reactions.

my tea needs more honey.

i could go off on a tangent about the way i've seen my own comfort level in various situations and public places change over the past couple of years in relation to how i've grown and changed, but it would be long and this is long enough. suffice to say i find it interesting, the places i used to be able to enjoy that i no longer feel comfortable in. not that this is a bad thing most of the time, just that it's interesting.
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so now i've seen the mouse. he's awfully quick and awfully dark grey and he made me eek he ran so fast through the living room. literally. i eeked at the mouse. i don't like to think of myself as prone to eeking, but i guess no one's really immune.

that's twice now that he's been seen in the living room with people about and lights on. the only thing i want less than mice is bold mice. damn it.

but i was so productive today. i painted the nook a lovely lettucey green called "romaine" (even if it's going to need a second coat) and put up shelves and racks and all sorts of things. and the boy made a pot hanging thing above the stove and we unpacked the kitchen some more and actually cooked and i even scrubbed things in the bathroom and changed the toilet seat so that there's no more black vinyl. it's almost starting to feel like home here.

in other news, i seem to have laryngitis. it's not particularly fun. and while i suppose it could be allergy related, i'm not so sure. one thing i know, i sure do sound funny. first time in my life, i think, that i've been absolutely unable to sing on pitch.

and for the record, i'm sitting in the kitchen with the step stool pulled up to the counter so that i don't have to brave the living room right now. but [ profile] zennerthanyou, being the best boy in the world that he is just set a trap out there even though he was sleepy. this, is part of why i love him i suppose.

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