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really i should write a thoughtful post about how time passes; the fact that the current turned two today (and is doing even more amazing things than ever); that this mess of words turned four a few days ago; that i'll be twenty-eight a week from saturday; that i've counted this last month of days in a completely new way. but. i'm not quite in the right head space to make sense of it tonight. instead, see last year's similar post, and stay tuned. there's like to be far more coherent thoughts in the near future. i think.

also: any of you local kids want to hang out with my cat the first week in february? he's pretty awesome, and there's beer & bowling under my bedroom. just checking...
(relatedly: if anyone felt like helping me find the airport on the first or the eleventh, you'd have my thanks, a favor, and some kind of baked goods in exchange.)

p.s. i really hate it when lj goes down and takes the status page with it and even most of vox... and then no one even mentions it the next day. at all. grr. meant to toss this up last night, but oh well.
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my beloved public radio station, 89.3 the current, has been on the air a whole year today. i re-pledged tonight, having pledged for the first time last year after they'd been on the air for less than a day. i haven't regretted that decision for even one second. also, if you can't tune in locally, go take a listen online at some point, or browse through their amazing archived in-studio performances. you won't be disappointed.

on another anniversary type note, my journal turned three years old a couple of days ago. wow. three years of my life, online and all in once place. [ profile] minervacat, i blame you completely. thanks.

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