Jun. 3rd, 2006 05:09 am
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at four a.m. i was awoken out of a dream where i was talking to [ profile] borofish, by the kind of noises you expect to hear only when being chased by monsters in a scooby-doo espisode, or when a bunch of people need the hospital pretty immediately. (un)fortunately, neither of these scenarios were the cause of what woke me. just whatever party one of the new sets of upstairs neighbors were having, spilled out on to the porch and deteriorated to stupidity.

i hate being the bitch. but it was their monstrous yelling, or everyone else's sleep. at four a.m. there are priorities. way to make friends with the neighbors, right? 45 minutes later and i still can't fall back asleep.

if i'm lucky i'll get woken up at least an hour before my alarm again, listening to the new next-door neighbor's motorcycle warming up for fifteen minutes, like i have four days so far this week. i'm looking forward to that conversation too: "would you consider either installing a muffler or writing down your schedule so that i can plan on getting up before you leave in the morning?" not that i begrudge him the bike in any way, just that i don't get who's so cool that they need to peal out of their own alley that loud at nine in the morning.

i doubt i'd be as cranky if i didn't have to work both days this weekend. or if my neck and shoulders weren't so achy right now. time for juice and more attempts to fall back asleep.

eta: yup, lucky. 9:11 i was jolted awake when the motorcycle roared. eric, not being quite as sound asleep as i was, was woken up ten minutes earlier when he began trying to get it started. sigh.
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worse than just being sick:

being sick and finally falling asleep, only to be awoken at three a.m. because it's raining in your apartment. raining nasty brown water across the entire width of the kitchen, most of the length of the drawing room, and various other places.

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so i'm just getting home from work. and. i would like to lodge a complaint.

there is no possibly acceptable explanation for why i had to sit in commuter traffic for twenty minutes on my way home at six-thirty in the morning.

stopped traffic and two accidents parallel on either side of the highway? in the cold dark way-too-earlyness? there's something wrong with this country.
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unimportant i suppose, but i wish that whoever it was that kept doing laundry at three a.m. would realize that's maybe not the best possible time to wash their clothes.

the vibrations make my head feel funny. more so at night than any other.

as i said, unimportant. continue on your way.

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