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Jun. 1st, 2007 02:50 pm
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holy crap. everything is moved. i'm amazed. that was the fastest that couch has ever gone anywhere. even if it isn't quite in one piece for the moment...

and bartering on craigslist for cleaning? one of the smartest ideas i've had in a long time.

i owe thankyous and favors and perhaps food or something to a number of people who i couldn't have managed without. or at least not and got through it anywhere near as easily.

and.... now i just have to dig my self out of the piles everything seems to have landed in.

cat still wants attention, so if you've some to spare this weekend and want to see my huge mess, lemme know.
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gah. have i mentioned lately how much windows xp bites?

i finally won the battle with the ethernet card, and have tenuous connectivity at home again. tenuous because this thing is the most pc-ish unit i've had to use in years. and it hates me. and it has bad grammar. while attempting to make the intarwebs work, it actually told me: "you already have an internet connection using." instead of throttling it, i went and found my little brother, who thankfully, still has a bit more patience for xp than i do. and spare ethernet cards hanging about.

at any rate. slow annoying internet for the time being. i really kind of wish i had my six year old tower running '98 back. at least it worked and was all cozied up and familiar.

the phone situation continues. new one should be here within a week. ugh. i make no promises regarding phones until then. fingers crossed that third time actually is the charm.

none of my clothes fit me right. this is both a good thing and a bad thing. some things i haven't worn in a year or two fit again, but other things don't fit at all. i'm not buying new stuff when i know my body is still in metamorphosis.

to sum up: i'm still rather missing. bad phone, bad pc, bad social skills. and i still have one large wall and two tiny ones to paint before the cold really sets in. still fighting the battle for legal noise levels post midnight. which means not sleeping when i should and probably not quite enough either. i'm lonely, i feel shitty for not getting back to people i care about, and i'm sick of my allergies. i should really wait a little bit before i buy my new laptop, but i want it now because i'm an internet addict. oh, and did i mention petulant and whiny? because i think those head the list.

the good things though... i love the way my paint choices are turning out. finishing painting will mean that i can finally unpack for reals. i love that i can cook and my dishwasher will worry about the mess. if i didn't have a papercut smack in the middle of my index finger i could put new strings on my guitars. my metabolism is still working itself round to right. i will eventually have a shiny new laptop. if i wasn't so shy and hermitesque... well. i guess that's still a hurdle. i need to work on that jumping thing.

clearly i am a grown-up if only because i had microwaved smores for breakfast more than one day last week. and now, bed.
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dear livejournal,

i am in need of a couple of things and thought you might be able to help.

a) one of two things: someone a bit taller than i am to come put tape on my ceiling, or, a taller step ladder.

b) those of you who have a conch piercing: basically, i just need another someone to tell me it's far more sensible to start with a bar, even though all i ever plan to wear later is a ring.

c) if anyone would like to hold my hand in a couple of weeks when i finally go do that, i'd be very appreciative.
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a list of lists, good v. bad, that i've been meaning to type out for quite a few days.

good: most of my stuff is moved in and somewhat unpacked.
bad: there's still more to move, sell, toss, and clean.
good: i have til the end of the month to do the above.

it's been a long long week. )


Jun. 3rd, 2006 05:09 am
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at four a.m. i was awoken out of a dream where i was talking to [ profile] borofish, by the kind of noises you expect to hear only when being chased by monsters in a scooby-doo espisode, or when a bunch of people need the hospital pretty immediately. (un)fortunately, neither of these scenarios were the cause of what woke me. just whatever party one of the new sets of upstairs neighbors were having, spilled out on to the porch and deteriorated to stupidity.

i hate being the bitch. but it was their monstrous yelling, or everyone else's sleep. at four a.m. there are priorities. way to make friends with the neighbors, right? 45 minutes later and i still can't fall back asleep.

if i'm lucky i'll get woken up at least an hour before my alarm again, listening to the new next-door neighbor's motorcycle warming up for fifteen minutes, like i have four days so far this week. i'm looking forward to that conversation too: "would you consider either installing a muffler or writing down your schedule so that i can plan on getting up before you leave in the morning?" not that i begrudge him the bike in any way, just that i don't get who's so cool that they need to peal out of their own alley that loud at nine in the morning.

i doubt i'd be as cranky if i didn't have to work both days this weekend. or if my neck and shoulders weren't so achy right now. time for juice and more attempts to fall back asleep.

eta: yup, lucky. 9:11 i was jolted awake when the motorcycle roared. eric, not being quite as sound asleep as i was, was woken up ten minutes earlier when he began trying to get it started. sigh.
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worse than just being sick:

being sick and finally falling asleep, only to be awoken at three a.m. because it's raining in your apartment. raining nasty brown water across the entire width of the kitchen, most of the length of the drawing room, and various other places.

more )


Jan. 15th, 2006 02:02 am
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it's been a big weekend full of so many tiny little accomplishments that all add up to momentous change.

wednesday night i came home and found the boy watching one of his movies, tipsy and happily occupied. so i put on the song that had been in my head all day. and then listened to it again. then broke down and put it on repeat. and this amazing thing happened. i started unpacking. i made some headway in the drawing room and listened to the same song twenty-odd times. and it was exactly what i needed.

thursday night i came home and had the boy help me move the couch into a position where i can actually work on getting the re-upholstery started and pushed some stuff around in the living room.
friday i spent the day doing laundry, moving stuff around and generally unpacking the house. hugely unpacking the house. by the time [ profile] zennerthanyou got home, it wasn't recognizable as the same place.
today we had a busy, errand-full day. got stuff done, had the best vegan scones in the world (cherry-ginger-mango. yum.) and bought a new bookcase since our big set was finally deemed not-for-this-apartment. he headed out to watch bizarre movies with friends, and i worked on getting the couch into a workable state (and a sit-able state) and moving my books onto the bookshelf.

i don't recognize our apartment. and i love it. it's liveable for the first time since we moved here in september. and that says a lot about what the past few months have been like. i'm hoping this is the start of a lot of change. that i can keep this momentum channeled in one way or another. and that feeling like i actually live here will help me to stop being such a cranky brat.
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unimportant i suppose, but i wish that whoever it was that kept doing laundry at three a.m. would realize that's maybe not the best possible time to wash their clothes.

the vibrations make my head feel funny. more so at night than any other.

as i said, unimportant. continue on your way.
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thank goodness i am the observant version of myself tonight, or perhaps i always am where temperature is involved... at any rate. i just walked into the kitchen and immediately went to check that the oven hadn't gotten turned on accidentally. then wondered if they were baking upstairs. then realized that, amazingly, the heat was on and the radiator in the corner of the kitchen was blasting out heat. now that everything's been moved off the radiators (including all the paint--i'd hate to have seen the mess after a night of that), i'm rather pleased. we froze for at least a whole month last year and were starting to look into how long they could legally wait before turning the heat on. tonight, it's toasty warm and we almost don't need it. i mean hell, it's only 57 out. and this is minnesota.

it's been a crazy week or two. and i have lots of stories to tell. and calls to make. and emails to write. one in particular that i keep meaning to write back and being just shy enough to keep waiting. because i'm a silly anxious girl who has forgotten how to have friends. or at least it feels that way most days. something i need to work on. yes.
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so now i've seen the mouse. he's awfully quick and awfully dark grey and he made me eek he ran so fast through the living room. literally. i eeked at the mouse. i don't like to think of myself as prone to eeking, but i guess no one's really immune.

that's twice now that he's been seen in the living room with people about and lights on. the only thing i want less than mice is bold mice. damn it.

but i was so productive today. i painted the nook a lovely lettucey green called "romaine" (even if it's going to need a second coat) and put up shelves and racks and all sorts of things. and the boy made a pot hanging thing above the stove and we unpacked the kitchen some more and actually cooked and i even scrubbed things in the bathroom and changed the toilet seat so that there's no more black vinyl. it's almost starting to feel like home here.

in other news, i seem to have laryngitis. it's not particularly fun. and while i suppose it could be allergy related, i'm not so sure. one thing i know, i sure do sound funny. first time in my life, i think, that i've been absolutely unable to sing on pitch.

and for the record, i'm sitting in the kitchen with the step stool pulled up to the counter so that i don't have to brave the living room right now. but [ profile] zennerthanyou, being the best boy in the world that he is just set a trap out there even though he was sleepy. this, is part of why i love him i suppose.

oh my god.

Sep. 9th, 2005 01:01 pm
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we have mice. i'm nearly positive of it.

just when i think we're getting the issues with this place sorted out. fanfuckingtastic.

now for the record, i have not actually seen the mice yet. but eric saw one run under the porch the other day. possible they weren't getting inside still, but this morning i found my bag of chocolate chips that had been closed up on the coffee table in the living room (you all just learned a lot about me there) gnawed away at so that there are shreddings on the table. that's pretty clear if you ask me. and our landlord said they never had problems with things like that. yeah right. time to go buy traps and steel wool.

after living in the row house in baltimore, i had really hoped to never have to deal with mice ever again. or roaches. if i find roaches here it'll be the last straw. but damn. not what i wanted to deal with first thing today.

eta: i went out and bought steel wool and the four biggest holes i could find are plugged with it now. though i'm sure there are more holes somewhere that i just haven't seen yet. and having found mouse droppings in the silverware drawer it makes me wonder what holes i'm not going to be able to get at to plug. i'm just so icked out. ewewew.
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lookit! we got the internets at home! (despite the evil cable company attempting to foil our plan.)


i promised you pictures of the hideous paint in our new apartment, and behold! photos there be.

the painting has already begun, and tomorrow i will hopefully take pictures of the lovely new topaz color that has replaced the "dead baby blue" in the living room. now, sleep.

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