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only in kenya, originally uploaded by bryiarrose.

i have the best boyfriend ever. now i can act out the kenya song when ever i want. seriously, best present. and they came all the way from nottingham for me! and they have the cutest little tails in the whole wide world! *cuteness overload*

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boy comes home today. he's been gone almost a week, and i miss him. i'd also hoped to get a lot more done while he was gone. but i didn't. so now i have to see how much i can get done super quick before i go to work for a couple of hours. then i pick said boy up at the airport and then go back to work to do an overnight.

i had something to say, and now i don't remember what it was. damn.

in lieu of whatever i've forgotten, i ask you for words.
when i can't decide what to listen to, i'll type a word into the search field on itunes and then ask it to limit it's search to song names. i end up with a playlist of songs that all have said word in the title. as in, at the moment, i theoretically am listening to a star list that contains 38 items from ben folds "bastard" to hum "stars" to david bowie "ziggy stardust."

so. give me words to make playlists from. just single words, likely to pull up a few songs.
and for the record, tortoise pulls up nothing.

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