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this weekend was good for my soul, my mind, and my confidence in certain things.

it's a toss up as to whether it was good for my body: lots of walking around in horribly hot sticky humid weather, lots of beer, and not a whole lot of sleep... i think in the end it'll even out.

the very basic reunion babble )

oh my.

May. 26th, 2006 02:01 pm
bryiarrose: (summer)
well, i just registered for reunion. i guess that's that then.

in case they don't let me have a room to myself, does anyone not have a roommate already?

i'm excited and terrified by this all at once. oy.

eta: they emailed me back pretty immediately to say my choices were the last burton single or sharing a room in musser. i took burton because anything's better than musser, right? though the probability of me wanting to walk back to burton at four in the morning is slim, so crashing in the hue is more likely what will happen. i should really have registered ages ago so that i could try and get one of my old rooms--what can i say, goodhue will always feel a little like home.

also, for those of you baffled by this, the class i should have originally gradutated college with has it's reunion this year. i'll try and keep the babbling to a minimum.

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