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went in tonight to see if my conch was healed enough to change the jewelry yet. the curved bar i'd been wearing was fine, except due to the length of it, i kept bumping it every now and then.

the good news is that they put in a shorter straight bar that will hopefully be a bit better at this point, and the better news is that i can have a flat disc in the front now. still no ring, but that will come once it's healed. the less fun comes with the scar tissue in the back (still not a big deal, and likely due in part to getting elbowed in the ear by a girl dancing next to me one night when i was out with ms. gunn), but i've got a couple of suggestions to help with that now too, so hopefully it will disappear somewhat.

it's been just over three months since i got it pierced, and the guy who changed my bar said he'd plan on another three before it's fully healed. i'm a bit more optomistic, but we'll see.
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dear livejournal,

i am in need of a couple of things and thought you might be able to help.

a) one of two things: someone a bit taller than i am to come put tape on my ceiling, or, a taller step ladder.

b) those of you who have a conch piercing: basically, i just need another someone to tell me it's far more sensible to start with a bar, even though all i ever plan to wear later is a ring.

c) if anyone would like to hold my hand in a couple of weeks when i finally go do that, i'd be very appreciative.

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