Aug. 5th, 2007 02:31 pm
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how does anyone make decisions about the things collected as memories--presents, decoration, keepsakes--when the memories are no longer current?

when they cease being applicable to the current definition of your history, what have they become? certainly no less meaningful, beautiful, strange or sad, but still something that takes up space.

how do you decide.. what stays, what goes, what guilt will let you part with?

done? done.

Jun. 1st, 2007 02:50 pm
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holy crap. everything is moved. i'm amazed. that was the fastest that couch has ever gone anywhere. even if it isn't quite in one piece for the moment...

and bartering on craigslist for cleaning? one of the smartest ideas i've had in a long time.

i owe thankyous and favors and perhaps food or something to a number of people who i couldn't have managed without. or at least not and got through it anywhere near as easily.

and.... now i just have to dig my self out of the piles everything seems to have landed in.

cat still wants attention, so if you've some to spare this weekend and want to see my huge mess, lemme know.
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a list of lists, good v. bad, that i've been meaning to type out for quite a few days.

good: most of my stuff is moved in and somewhat unpacked.
bad: there's still more to move, sell, toss, and clean.
good: i have til the end of the month to do the above.

it's been a long long week. )

oh. and...

Aug. 4th, 2006 02:38 am
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...if anyone wanted to come over tomorrow (friday) and help me shift stuff around the old apartment, or move a couple of things to my new one, i certainly wouldn't complain. i might even bribe you. if you don't already know how to find me, let me know.

yup. still have stuff to move. quite a few things, depending on what i end up keeping.

also, if anyone has need of some mostly empty space this month, i'll have some of that on my hands pretty soon.

oy. tired. and allergic to other people's cats that i shouldn't have been around tonight.
i want a new bed now, please. good night.
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moving day for me!

since the people moving out have been a bit behind, we're actually going to start moving stuff in about half an hour (11:30). and by then it will supposedly be the cleanest of clean.

i am quite glad of the rain that means we won't die hauling my stuff around, and now i'm just hoping we don't actually have that flash flood they've got us on warning about.

if anyone's free today and wants my undying gratitude, feel free to come help move my crap. starting from the usual place at 2519 lyndale and moving above the bryant lake bowl. i think the plan is to move as much as possible and then to sit under my bedroom and drink beer. give me a call with any questions.
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ever have a day where you eventually notice your underwear is on inside out?
yeah, that was me today. it took me a good five hours to notice. and that pretty much sums it up.

i'm exhausted.
we're in the process of packing the house.
i get my new apartment next week.
eric leaves for law school in pittsburgh the week after that.
fingers crossed everything goes as planned, and that we make it through.


Jan. 15th, 2006 02:02 am
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it's been a big weekend full of so many tiny little accomplishments that all add up to momentous change.

wednesday night i came home and found the boy watching one of his movies, tipsy and happily occupied. so i put on the song that had been in my head all day. and then listened to it again. then broke down and put it on repeat. and this amazing thing happened. i started unpacking. i made some headway in the drawing room and listened to the same song twenty-odd times. and it was exactly what i needed.

thursday night i came home and had the boy help me move the couch into a position where i can actually work on getting the re-upholstery started and pushed some stuff around in the living room.
friday i spent the day doing laundry, moving stuff around and generally unpacking the house. hugely unpacking the house. by the time [livejournal.com profile] zennerthanyou got home, it wasn't recognizable as the same place.
today we had a busy, errand-full day. got stuff done, had the best vegan scones in the world (cherry-ginger-mango. yum.) and bought a new bookcase since our big set was finally deemed not-for-this-apartment. he headed out to watch bizarre movies with friends, and i worked on getting the couch into a workable state (and a sit-able state) and moving my books onto the bookshelf.

i don't recognize our apartment. and i love it. it's liveable for the first time since we moved here in september. and that says a lot about what the past few months have been like. i'm hoping this is the start of a lot of change. that i can keep this momentum channeled in one way or another. and that feeling like i actually live here will help me to stop being such a cranky brat.
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lookit! we got the internets at home! (despite the evil cable company attempting to foil our plan.)


i promised you pictures of the hideous paint in our new apartment, and behold! photos there be.

the painting has already begun, and tomorrow i will hopefully take pictures of the lovely new topaz color that has replaced the "dead baby blue" in the living room. now, sleep.
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it's almost four in the morning and again i can't sleep. go figure. someone needs to remind me that i'm only allowed one glass of caffeine per day, not three.

things are looking slightly brighter:
my benefits don't actually run out at the end of august like previously believed, though they still cost too much to be a plausible long-term solution.
packing is in progress and [livejournal.com profile] zennerthanyou acquired a key to a garage at the new place and is moving stuff over bit by bit. we also have a truck reserved for the day of so that we can get all the furniture moved without too much incident. the tough part is working eight days in a row up until moving day and still trying to get packed somehow.

otherwise, i'm still thinking too much. about moving, about the stupid guy who bought my computer, about work and jobs and health and money, and about katrina bearing down on all those people.

for those of you mac users running tiger and following the storm, there are a few dashboard widgets you might want. because information is information:
radar in motion: radar images from the weather channel
hurricane tracker: satellite images from NOAA hurricane center
hurricane news: direct feed from the NOAA.

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