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so yesterday i got up, got everything done to leave for work, and walked down around the corner to where my car was parked. i got in, started the car, pulled out around the corner, and thought, "this isn't right."

got out, and went around to the passenger side, and confirmed: this is not my week.

flat tire. very flat tire. very not what i needed.

so i ended up getting to work later than i'd wanted to, getting home later than i'd wanted to, and then spending quite some time with my dad and brother and a plug kit trying to fix the hole a broken screw had put in my tire. it was holding air last night, or seeming to, so we'll see today i guess. i need new tires anyhow. here's one more incentive.

but. i finally got home dirty and tired a little after 10pm, and knew that staying home was best for me. as i said previously, my actions of late have certainly been justifiable, but that doesn't mean i like them. those i had tentative plans with this weekend, sorry--my world seems to be against me having fun right now.

i remain not quite broken (yet), so in one last attempt to enjoy myself, i'm going to the fair with my family tonight. not sure how much actual fair time i'll get, since my little sister is twirling baton in the talent show, and that's the primary reason they're going. if by some chance you'll be there too, give me a call. (contact info, for those who can get at it.)

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