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today is insane.
i give you con photos in lieu of... um...

crap. too busy to think.
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post-seattle musings.  )
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i've been lazy about flickr lately, but [ profile] celina enabled my laziness with her mad internet skills and so now there are a whole bunch of photos.

corn maze photos from, um, october?

also, new year's photo's both from [ profile] gunn's shindig, and from the independent with m.

everyone else is doing it, which seems like a good enough excuse right now. so i'm also attempting the 365 days craziness.
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still fending off the plague. woke up after all my alarms again today, only to find bastian feeling sad and guilty about his litterbox mishaps. ended up late to work by a couple of hours due to both these things... somedays the world has made it's own plans for you.

kit is feeling better now it seems, after a while to recoup and some much needed cuddling.


i'm still stuffy, and my sleep schedule is out of whack, more difficult to reverse these things these days. my body is so much stricter when it comes to all things sleep. good thing, yes. but trying.

because i finally caught it in a photo: )
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IMG_1913.JPG IMG_1912.JPG

IMG_1922.JPG IMG_1968.JPG

IMG_1980.JPG IMG_1992.JPG

strictly off the record, there may be some other items of interest here.
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up, moving, about to go in search of hashbrowns. unfortunately wasn't up quite early enough to make it over to the rockrockrock.

i fell asleep on the couch after posting last night, and though i think i remember everything, there are bits that move faster than others. any one want to tell me how embarrassing i got?

also, there are pictures up. they're lacking the early end of the evening because i hadn't thought about it yet, and the end because my camera ran out of space. i'm also slightly disappointed that i didn't get a good full length shot of my outfit. but oh well.

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sometimes i'm sad and frustrated that i don't read like i used to. because there are days when i want that, and i can't seem to remember quite how reading works anymore. and i wonder if i just need to try it with my silly little reading glasses more often and see if it makes a difference. but that too takes a certain kind of concentration.

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something else tomorrow. for now sleep, and evidence.

new year's at cassie's
new year's at dark carnival

delusions, originally uploaded by bryiarrose.

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snowy, originally uploaded by bryiarrose.

flakes falling so thick and fast tonight that you could feel them falling into your ears and brushing against your cheeks.
beautiful, wet, blanketing snowfall. snow to dream to.

two more )
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i was the lame tonight. too shy and sleepy to go out, and really i know i regret these things. both in the moment and after the fact.

but i stayed home. and played with cameras and light.

and i suppose new icons are worth something, if nothing else.


Dec. 5th, 2005 12:41 am
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i stopped being quite so lazy about photos. at least for the moment. so here are photos from derby and from our shindig at joe's. i'm still learning the new camera. also, at some point i'll have to post a separate set of the crotch shots. if you don't know, you're better off not asking. i think.
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lookit! we got the internets at home! (despite the evil cable company attempting to foil our plan.)


i promised you pictures of the hideous paint in our new apartment, and behold! photos there be.

the painting has already begun, and tomorrow i will hopefully take pictures of the lovely new topaz color that has replaced the "dead baby blue" in the living room. now, sleep.

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