Jun. 16th, 2006 01:22 am
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surprised by the response i got to my hair today, if i didn't need all my wits about me this weekend i might have kept it for a while. perhaps next time i bleach it out. at any rate, i'm obviously back in more familiar territory as far as color goes. it's orangier due to the yellow underneath (something i was trying for in a way), but a much lighter brighter red than it's been coming out lately. i expect i'll be hearing jokes about stop signs again for a while.

we head down to reunion in the morning, and i don't believe i'll be bringing my computer. sooo. if you want to catch me over the internets, now's the time. i'll likely have my phone with me, but i can't guarantee that it will work or that i'll answer. here's to what will be a surreal yet hopefully rockin' weekend.

p.s. i signed the lease.
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itreallyisthatbright, originally uploaded by bryiarrose.

vain? never ever. just documenting for posterity. and the internet.

i <3 moxie. mucho.

really really red, except for when it's pink )
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remember how i said i got my hair cut? well i did. i haven't had the energy to upload it until today. and honestly i still don't have the energy today. but here we go anyhow.

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so red

i knew it was a bright color... but i didn't quite expect it to be this bright. almost true to color.
so red

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