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i need so much more brain power than i have today.

stupid job requiring thinking type stuff.
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still fending off the plague. woke up after all my alarms again today, only to find bastian feeling sad and guilty about his litterbox mishaps. ended up late to work by a couple of hours due to both these things... somedays the world has made it's own plans for you.

kit is feeling better now it seems, after a while to recoup and some much needed cuddling.


i'm still stuffy, and my sleep schedule is out of whack, more difficult to reverse these things these days. my body is so much stricter when it comes to all things sleep. good thing, yes. but trying.

because i finally caught it in a photo: )
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so i've been quiet this week, mostly because i've been kind of under the weather for a lot of it. caught the bug making it's way around work and just lost all energy. starting to regain it slowly again. still not a hundred percent, but better.

in my lack of energy i've neglected to say thank you for the lovely mail i received this week. so here's at least a brief thank you for the moment.

i feel like there was supposed to be something i wanted to post about, but now i can't remember what. damn the brain worms. even coffee can't slay them it appears.
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sometimes i notice how many ideas i've lost. and sometimes that's particularly hard to take.

it bitterly cold here tonight, not in the sense that four below is the worst it could be, but in how it makes everything tense and hard and horrible. i crawled out of bed because my battery ran out, and the rest of the house is just a bit shivery--we need to seal the windows.

i don't write enough. that seems to be a never ending thing with me. i looked back to the past three decembers tonight, just glanced. and i'm always promising to be better about things. and i'm never sure i am. life is life i suppose.

i'm still not used to being someone that knows things, that has answers. and it's tiring sometimes. most days it seems. and i can't tell if it's really that or only that i caught the cold going around just as i was starting to feel better from everything else. or maybe that we're still not really unpacked and i haven't had a real day to myself in more than three weeks. these things aren't bad, they just are.

and maybe i'll look back on this in a year or two or three and remember how happy i was or how miserable or think how my energy level has changed. or think something i haven't thought to think of yet.

there are always these moments that shape the future. and we never know them when we see them. when they happen. when we live them. hardly ever do we know them once the future's past.

i don't babble enough anymore. i think that's something i need to re-encourage in myself. because how can you be yourself when you don't know who that is.

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