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the problem with this breathing stuff, is that it makes sleeping awfully hard.
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it's almost four in the morning and again i can't sleep. go figure. someone needs to remind me that i'm only allowed one glass of caffeine per day, not three.

things are looking slightly brighter:
my benefits don't actually run out at the end of august like previously believed, though they still cost too much to be a plausible long-term solution.
packing is in progress and [ profile] zennerthanyou acquired a key to a garage at the new place and is moving stuff over bit by bit. we also have a truck reserved for the day of so that we can get all the furniture moved without too much incident. the tough part is working eight days in a row up until moving day and still trying to get packed somehow.

otherwise, i'm still thinking too much. about moving, about the stupid guy who bought my computer, about work and jobs and health and money, and about katrina bearing down on all those people.

for those of you mac users running tiger and following the storm, there are a few dashboard widgets you might want. because information is information:
radar in motion: radar images from the weather channel
hurricane tracker: satellite images from NOAA hurricane center
hurricane news: direct feed from the NOAA.

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