Jan. 15th, 2006 02:02 am
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it's been a big weekend full of so many tiny little accomplishments that all add up to momentous change.

wednesday night i came home and found the boy watching one of his movies, tipsy and happily occupied. so i put on the song that had been in my head all day. and then listened to it again. then broke down and put it on repeat. and this amazing thing happened. i started unpacking. i made some headway in the drawing room and listened to the same song twenty-odd times. and it was exactly what i needed.

thursday night i came home and had the boy help me move the couch into a position where i can actually work on getting the re-upholstery started and pushed some stuff around in the living room.
friday i spent the day doing laundry, moving stuff around and generally unpacking the house. hugely unpacking the house. by the time [ profile] zennerthanyou got home, it wasn't recognizable as the same place.
today we had a busy, errand-full day. got stuff done, had the best vegan scones in the world (cherry-ginger-mango. yum.) and bought a new bookcase since our big set was finally deemed not-for-this-apartment. he headed out to watch bizarre movies with friends, and i worked on getting the couch into a workable state (and a sit-able state) and moving my books onto the bookshelf.

i don't recognize our apartment. and i love it. it's liveable for the first time since we moved here in september. and that says a lot about what the past few months have been like. i'm hoping this is the start of a lot of change. that i can keep this momentum channeled in one way or another. and that feeling like i actually live here will help me to stop being such a cranky brat.
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