Sep. 9th, 2005

oh my god.

Sep. 9th, 2005 01:01 pm
bryiarrose: (bite me domo by rouk)
we have mice. i'm nearly positive of it.

just when i think we're getting the issues with this place sorted out. fanfuckingtastic.

now for the record, i have not actually seen the mice yet. but eric saw one run under the porch the other day. possible they weren't getting inside still, but this morning i found my bag of chocolate chips that had been closed up on the coffee table in the living room (you all just learned a lot about me there) gnawed away at so that there are shreddings on the table. that's pretty clear if you ask me. and our landlord said they never had problems with things like that. yeah right. time to go buy traps and steel wool.

after living in the row house in baltimore, i had really hoped to never have to deal with mice ever again. or roaches. if i find roaches here it'll be the last straw. but damn. not what i wanted to deal with first thing today.

eta: i went out and bought steel wool and the four biggest holes i could find are plugged with it now. though i'm sure there are more holes somewhere that i just haven't seen yet. and having found mouse droppings in the silverware drawer it makes me wonder what holes i'm not going to be able to get at to plug. i'm just so icked out. ewewew.
bryiarrose: (music or misery?)
damn you first ave. i don't have $30 to see ben folds with. why do you have to hike ticket prices for shows that might be popular. $15 to see the new pornographers is reasonable. but $30? that means that two tickets to stand in your crowded little club would be $60. i /doom at you.

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