Oct. 16th, 2006

bryiarrose: (ugh - wonderfalls - by mixedbatch)
gah. have i mentioned lately how much windows xp bites?

i finally won the battle with the ethernet card, and have tenuous connectivity at home again. tenuous because this thing is the most pc-ish unit i've had to use in years. and it hates me. and it has bad grammar. while attempting to make the intarwebs work, it actually told me: "you already have an internet connection using." instead of throttling it, i went and found my little brother, who thankfully, still has a bit more patience for xp than i do. and spare ethernet cards hanging about.

at any rate. slow annoying internet for the time being. i really kind of wish i had my six year old tower running '98 back. at least it worked and was all cozied up and familiar.

the phone situation continues. new one should be here within a week. ugh. i make no promises regarding phones until then. fingers crossed that third time actually is the charm.

none of my clothes fit me right. this is both a good thing and a bad thing. some things i haven't worn in a year or two fit again, but other things don't fit at all. i'm not buying new stuff when i know my body is still in metamorphosis.

to sum up: i'm still rather missing. bad phone, bad pc, bad social skills. and i still have one large wall and two tiny ones to paint before the cold really sets in. still fighting the battle for legal noise levels post midnight. which means not sleeping when i should and probably not quite enough either. i'm lonely, i feel shitty for not getting back to people i care about, and i'm sick of my allergies. i should really wait a little bit before i buy my new laptop, but i want it now because i'm an internet addict. oh, and did i mention petulant and whiny? because i think those head the list.

the good things though... i love the way my paint choices are turning out. finishing painting will mean that i can finally unpack for reals. i love that i can cook and my dishwasher will worry about the mess. if i didn't have a papercut smack in the middle of my index finger i could put new strings on my guitars. my metabolism is still working itself round to right. i will eventually have a shiny new laptop. if i wasn't so shy and hermitesque... well. i guess that's still a hurdle. i need to work on that jumping thing.

clearly i am a grown-up if only because i had microwaved smores for breakfast more than one day last week. and now, bed.

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