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so if I fell I would fall right in

that's the shape you found me in

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Birthdate:Feb 3
Website:it was one thing I knew how to do
i'm a girl. a musician, a songwriter, a groupie. i'm an aquarius, a sister, a packrat, and on and off a college student. i babble, i ramble, i tend to be non-sensical and incoherent. sometimes i use Rose-speak, which is understood by those who understand it.


i have very red blue hair.
i have three guitars and only one of them has a broken string.
i play all day with computers and ipods.
i procrastinate. sometimes.
i either sleep too much or too little.
i'm particularly bad at making phone calls.
i have a bunch of boxes from 1994 piled on my couch.
i have an awful lot of hope right now.
i'm still fighting it, as it were.
i'm figuring out what comes next.
i'm rewriting this profile.

i know more people all over the place than in one place anymore.

questions encouraged, answers given when available.

contact info here for those who need it.

i moderate the theagilmore community. come check it out.

bryiarrose"s Weekly Artists Chart

i"m in slytherin!

icons are my own unless otherwise credited in keywords. possible brush credits to calixa, saava, dtissagirl, isabellecs, elli, shagalote, and crumblingwalls.
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