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we have found the superior mojito. it is made with champagne instead of water, is served to you by a darlingly clumsy gay boy, and is best drunk next to an adorable girl in stripes that you'll probably never see again.

just thought you'd like to know.
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can't sleep even though i'm tired.
my head is going too much tonight i think.
my tattoo turned five this week and i was too busy to sit down and think about that. and march is just around the corner and there's thinking about that too.
and i feel guilty in a number of ways that i'm not singing... particularly in any ensemble setting, and haven't in quite a while. but this is part of the trouble of working full time for me, and working the hours that i do, and still always feeling exhausted.
i used to sing this song at bravo. and ridiculously or not, it nearly always made me want to cry. and it still does. and i miss singing it. miss being able to sing other people's words as an outlet.
i'm just typing here. by the way.
i stumbled upon words tonight that i shouldn't have read.
and i get stuck thinking about words that i feel like should be there for me to read that aren't.
i've never, never been comfortable with anger.
stupid. going to try sleeping again.

or my voice

Jan. 7th, 2006 12:42 am
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i drove by solera when i left the doctor's office, and man.
sometimes i miss bravo like i'd miss an arm or leg.
just saying.
because i do.

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