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so now i've seen the mouse. he's awfully quick and awfully dark grey and he made me eek he ran so fast through the living room. literally. i eeked at the mouse. i don't like to think of myself as prone to eeking, but i guess no one's really immune.

that's twice now that he's been seen in the living room with people about and lights on. the only thing i want less than mice is bold mice. damn it.

but i was so productive today. i painted the nook a lovely lettucey green called "romaine" (even if it's going to need a second coat) and put up shelves and racks and all sorts of things. and the boy made a pot hanging thing above the stove and we unpacked the kitchen some more and actually cooked and i even scrubbed things in the bathroom and changed the toilet seat so that there's no more black vinyl. it's almost starting to feel like home here.

in other news, i seem to have laryngitis. it's not particularly fun. and while i suppose it could be allergy related, i'm not so sure. one thing i know, i sure do sound funny. first time in my life, i think, that i've been absolutely unable to sing on pitch.

and for the record, i'm sitting in the kitchen with the step stool pulled up to the counter so that i don't have to brave the living room right now. but [ profile] zennerthanyou, being the best boy in the world that he is just set a trap out there even though he was sleepy. this, is part of why i love him i suppose.
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