Feb. 22nd, 2007

bryiarrose: (guitargirl)
i realized just now, (as coincidence would have it, though i'd been thinking of it last week) that my tattoo is six years old as of a handful of hours ago. it's a wednesday this year. i think at this point, i'm counting in fridays though. which puts a good stretch between me and the original year of tuesdays. it's good. this place where i am.

i love the ink sewn into my skin. for everything it's meant, and brought me through, and how that changes year to year, day to day. the words i've laid out here in previous years still mean something important, but it's like seeing words through water, or with the sun in your eyes. everything we touch... that touches us, changes us in tiny ways we're incapable of comprehending. i'm thankful for every single one of those, that's brought me to who and where i am right now.

everything i type tonight feels cheesy and mediocre... not saying what it is i'm trying to get at.

it's the time of year where i think too much. i only mind that sometimes, and mostly only when i should. but i'm not over thinking this, it's not something i've ever had to think about. direction, surety of purpose. i still say 'live soulfully.'

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