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thank goodness i am the observant version of myself tonight, or perhaps i always am where temperature is involved... at any rate. i just walked into the kitchen and immediately went to check that the oven hadn't gotten turned on accidentally. then wondered if they were baking upstairs. then realized that, amazingly, the heat was on and the radiator in the corner of the kitchen was blasting out heat. now that everything's been moved off the radiators (including all the paint--i'd hate to have seen the mess after a night of that), i'm rather pleased. we froze for at least a whole month last year and were starting to look into how long they could legally wait before turning the heat on. tonight, it's toasty warm and we almost don't need it. i mean hell, it's only 57 out. and this is minnesota.

it's been a crazy week or two. and i have lots of stories to tell. and calls to make. and emails to write. one in particular that i keep meaning to write back and being just shy enough to keep waiting. because i'm a silly anxious girl who has forgotten how to have friends. or at least it feels that way most days. something i need to work on. yes.

Date: 2005-09-27 05:48 pm (UTC)
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now i have "steamheat" stuck in my head.

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