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so tonight i went to see girlyman and dar williams at o'shaughnessy with julie and lauri and a good time was had by all. which seems simple enough. except that girlyman is so much more endearing live and ty just slays me (and everyone else if we're counting) and she signed the album 'hey rose--' and now i own both albums instead of just having them and they're both signed. and this song, this song is just.... well. and dar babbled and told stories and was her usual charming adorable socially conscious self and apparently she's had a baby which i did not know. but she played "we learned the sea" and i never thought in a million years that i'd ever hear that live and it broke me just a little in just the way it should. i hated her guitarist who was too loud and seemed like he was bored and trying to amuse himself. but girlyman opened with paul simon's "born at the right time" and this was one of those shows that i belatedly wished i'd sneaked my minidisc into so i'd be able to listen to it again later. oh. and i got one of dar's set lists. so i'll include that list below in case anyone's interested. and then we drove around in the mini trying to go to a closed coffee shop and ended up at spyhouse along with [ profile] naoumena who i haven't seen because i never get to the parties i always mean to try to make it to.

but it was a good show. and i know perfectly well that i need to be seeing more live music. but this was a show that helped drive that home again. in large part because of how you could see the stratification of where dar is now and where she had been and where girlyman is now and where they're likely to go.

but i'm almost ready to write again i think. it's kind of like i've been shut away for quite some time figuring out who this current me is and who the next me is going to be and i'm almost there. but the getting there involves the writing and the not being afraid to be scared. and then of course the being me and living that. if that makes any sense. so here's to finding my own wings one of these days.

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